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Developing policies

Start from the Heart

Strong policies must reflect and reinforce your agency's:

  • Mission and values – What you aspire to
  • Goals and activities – What you do
  • Outcomes – Your impact

This is harder then it seems.

How does a staff person at an agency that values leadership respond to an incident of bullying or harassment?
What about the coach of a soccer team that values team-building and physical health and wellness?

Basing your policies on these documents requires first that they exist, second that they are up-to-date and third, that you have a deep understanding of them.

If they don’t exist, or they need some work, here are some on-line resources to develop them:

How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Create a Logic Model

On-line tool to create a logic model

Next, do you have a deep understanding of them? The best way to answer this question is to start working on your new policy. Look at some sample policies that BE SAFE has collected and ask yourself - Would this work for your agency?

Feeling stuck? Try putting together an Action Plan.