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Making it stick

Staff training

Creating a new sexual health education policy won't go anywhere if staff and youth aren't trained on sexual health. Likewise, asking staff to call their supervisor if they have concerns of abuse or neglect as part of your revised mandated reporting policy won't matter if staff haven't been trained on the warning signs of abuse and neglect. Training your staff on the prevalence, context, and responding skills and prevention of the BE SAFE issues is an important part of your new policy.

“I was glad to have gone through the BE SAFE training myself before I tried the activities with my staff.  There was quite a range of attitudes and beliefs about things like sexual health and violence prevention and I felt that someone with less youth experience wouldn’t have been able to facilitate it as well as I did.” - Youth Program Director

Trainings - Read more about the trainings that BE SAFE and our Partners offer to staff and youth at youth-serving organizations.

Staff meetings

If your agency has regularly scheduled staff meetings consider having them role play scenarios to practice the new policy. This can be an extremely effective (and sometimes fun!) way to give people time to practice new procedural elements that are different from how staff are used to responding to situations. If there was a specific preceeding incident to the policy revision, however, you may want to create a less loaded or triggering scenario to avoid any feelings of embarrassment on the part of your staff.

Staff supervision

Regular supervision either with a peer or a supervisor, is important in order for staff to debrief situations, blow off steam, or ask questions. Supervision can also help maintain staff awareness of new policies and keep staff motivated to continue carrying them out. Reminding staff of policies once a year, adding "adherence to X policy" as a part of their goals during performance reviews, or giving them space to trouble shoot if they are having trouble with the new policy are all great uses of supervisory time. If regular supervision meetings aren't a part of your current procedure, read more about what makes a good youthworker supervision session.