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Community Input

Youth programs rely on community support – parents, board members, referring agencies, funders. Their views of the program, especially on the often controversial BE SAFE issues, is a critical component of a comprehensive assessment. How you get this input will depend on your current relationship with each group. Some options are:

  • If you don’t have a high level of relationship and have not talked about these issues before, all your interactions should be in person:
    • Start with education sessions. Invite community agencies to provide educational sessions on youth health issues or if your program has youth educators, have them present to the community.
    • Host a parent forum. Your goal for these conversations should be to find out how you can best support what they are doing and what they want for their children and their community concerning the BE SAFE issues.
    • Share the findings from the staff process and hold a meeting to get their feedback.
  • If you have a better relationship and they recognize the impact of these health issues on youth:
    • Invite them to come in, one at a time, to observe the program using the Tool. They can then report back to the broader group they represent.